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www.maaymarathi.co.uk is designed keeping in mind various interests of Marathi people in UK. Maay means mother in Marathi ( Mai Boli-Mother tongue) which automatically links/takes you to your roots. www.maaymarathi.co.uk is a one stop place where you can find out about the recent events, their reviews with relevant blogs and pictures related to Maharashtra.

Maaymarathi can help you search for any specific activity you would like to take part in or advertise or launch any business venture, buy or sell things, search for a professional you need or just plain networking. It can be the window you need for exploring new ventures.

www.maaymarathi.co.uk is the canvas where you can display your upcoming events/programmes so that it reaches the maximum Marathi audience. Tarr mag vaat na baghata lagech tumcha pudhil karyakram ithey prasiddha /project kara va jordaar pratisaad millva. www.maaymarathi.co.uk ya website la default website banavva so that hee website sarvashrut hoil ani ekka click madhey tumhi UK madhil kuthlyahi Marathi karyakramachi mahiti milavu shakta va tyaat sahabhaag ghevu shakta . Mala khatri ahey ki tumhi ya website la bharbharoon pratisaad dyal. So let’s get connected and enjoy!
“Me Marathi MaayMarathi”.




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